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Jane Tivey

Like many people my age, although I enjoyed art at school I hadn’t done any drawing or painting since then. When I was made redundant in 2002 I decided I would like to try some drawing and enrolled for a drawing and painting for beginners evening class (in about 2007 I think). I attended that for about four years. I gave up in the end as there were never enough people to warrant an intermediate class so every year was beginners! Although the tutor tried to accommodate ‘non beginners’ I decided I to leave. We covered basic drawing, watercolours and acrylics. Wherever I could I would use Acrylics.

I then joined a watercolour class which covered most of the techniques. I stayed with that for a couple of years but stopped enjoying the class as we were really just ‘copying’ pictures done by the tutor – albeit to use and understand the techniques.

Then I became interested in soft pastels. I think it was seeing a cat in the SAA Paint with instructions by Vic Bearcroft; I bought the ‘set’ had a go and liked the result. Since then I really concentrated on pastels; sometimes working from a guide sometimes from my own photographs. Nearly always animals on velour or patelmat although just lately I have been trying landscapes.

I then did nothing for about 9 months following breaking my wrist. As my little finger is still a bit bent and I don’t seem to have the same degree of flexibility as I used to I found pastels difficult (although it has improved) but I did a few coloured pencil workshops (mainly animals or animal eyes!) at our local library (with Karen Coulson) which I really enjoy.

I tried some things at home and then decided I needed to understand more about how to use them effectively; to try and achieve that I am doing a distance learning CP certificate course with the London Art College.

Just a Tree

Having seen the CP exhibition in the Menier Gallery advertised we had a day out in London and went to the exhibition. Whilst there I bought the magazine and decided to join.

February 2017

Just a Tree - 11" x 14". Prismacolour Premier/Derwent Coloursoft on Vellum Bristol Board

The Boat - 11" x 14". Prismacolour Premier/Derwent Coloursoft on White Stonehenge

Memory Bowl - 10.5" x 8.25". Prismacolour Premier/Derwent Coloursoft on Vellum Bristol Board

© Jane Tivey