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Ann Swan SBA

Ann is one of this country’s leading botanical artists working primarily in coloured pencil and graphite. Her original pencil drawings take many hours of intense observation and are imbued with a strong sense of design. Taking her inspiration from our rich and diverse plant life she makes us look with fresh eyes at the familiar - from a simple glistening strawberry to the magnificent beetroots. Her work is constantly evolving as she tests out new materials and ideas and experiments with new techniques.¬†

Ann’s latest work is a series of ‘Larger than Life’ plant portraits using minute amounts of baby oil to thin her colour so she can build up multiple layers creating luminous and vibrant colour mixes.¬† She is also experimenting with coloured pencils using an encaustic heated board.

Ann has been awarded 4 RHS Gold Medals and her work is in the prestigious Shirley Sherwood Collection and in the RHS Lindley Library. She is an enthusiastic and nurturing teacher¬† and runs regular workshops from her studio in Rowde and around the world including France, Spain, Italy, USA and South Africa and she shares some of her techniques in her book ‘Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils’. Her work has been reproduced as fine limited edition prints, greetings cards and ceramics.



Updated March 2016 



Flush of Youth

Larger than Life - Red Onion

Larger than Life - Nectarines

©Ann Swan

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