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Kris Stokes

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I returned to art in 2014 when I picked up my old coloured pencils to have a go.


I trained as a Graphic Designer in the 80's, and worked as both a Designer and Art Director in London for many years, before the sudden impact of the computer era took over.


Having been told at art college to stick to design and not to draw, it was a personal challenge to try again, so I set about teaching myself the medium of coloured pencil art and became passionate about it.


I enjoy working with coloured pencils because it allows me to build detail and colour into a photo-realistic style drawing. Not a photographic reproduction but a collection of ideas built into a new piece of artwork.​


While still learning and experimenting with each new piece I have begun to focus more on pet portraits and wildlife drawings for both pleasure and as customer commissions. ​


My new theme which I am working on is developing the fun aspect of placing different creatures together in unusual situations trying to bring an unexpected interpretation to the usual animal drawing.



July 2018

Golden Eagle - 8" x 11". Drawn in Faber Castell Albrecht Durer and Polychromos

Christmas - 7" x 9" Drawn in Faber Castell Albrecht Durer and Polychromos

Slumber Lion - 11" x 15". Drawn in Faber Castell Albrecht Durer, Polychromos and Caran-d-Ache Museum Aquarelle and Pablos

© Kris Stokes

Golden Eagle