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Cathy Settle

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As a child I absolutely loved creating art and although I was successful at gaining a place at Art College I felt pressured into getting a conventional job and have spent over three decades too busy to pick up a paint brush or pencil.


When stress at work started to effect my health I picked up my pencils again to help me to relax. With a lot of encouragement from friends and family I have taken the leap of faith to leave my job and to pursue my childhood dream of being an artist.


I have always admired all of creation and love to spend time outside with my pet dogs and like to wonder at all the beauty that surrounds us. Initially I captured such beauty with my camera but now like to recreate the beauty using coloured pencils.


I love trying to recreate an array of colour and detail so coloured pencil is the perfect medium for me. It gives me great satisfaction when I manage to capture that glint in an animal's eye.


I am inspired by all creatures great and small and love to celebrate the joy they bring to us. I especially adore commissioning pet portraits so that owners have a permanent keepsake of their beloved pet.




November 2017

Pride - 10" x 8" Bristol Vellum. Polys, Albrecht Durer, Luminence, Pablos and Prismacolor pencils

Fifty Shades of Grey - 10" x 8" Stonehenge. Polys, Albrecht Durer, luminence, Pablos and Prismacolor pencils

Iris - 10" x 8" Stonehenge. Polys, Albrecht Durer, Luminence, Pablos and Prismacolor pencils and some Panpastels for the background

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