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Natalie Murphy, now why would anyone want to draw those? Because I find it difficult to draw nature.


I am Autistic and have a powerful ability to visualise the world around me, everything I do is through picture thinking, from things I see to writing letters, food I eat and working out maths, its all in pictures like a photo album or a video tape I can run when I need to remember VT :)


But drawing nature, people, animals appears to be difficult perhaps because I have no imagination, but mechanical objects can be drawn in exquisite detail.


Since I was very young my fascination and then obsession with buses began with red and green ones and because of the patterning this created it became even more fascinating.


I use a variety of mediums to produce my work, mostly Faber-Castel Polychromos, artgrip aquarelle and Pitt Pastel but I use other makes too, Caran D'ache Luminance and Derwent among others. I also use charcoal, chalk and gel pens, blenders and erasers to get the details exact. Most of what I do is self taught, simply trial and error in the pursuit of perfection.


Some of my work has been for charity and one for a local garage, most for my own satisfaction as drawing makes me happy, its something I can achieve, and when finished it makes other people happy too. I hope you enjoy what I do, it's different, it's quirky, just like me :)


June 2017

© Natalie Murphy

Morris Cooper S