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Andy Murcott

I am a self-taught illustrator and portrait artist. I last received formal art training at school in 1976 when I completed my Art 'O' Level. Although it was a subject I had enjoyed for as long as I can remember I was persuaded to follow a different career path.


I went to the University of Liverpool in 1978 to read Economics and after graduating I joined West Midlands Police as a Police Officer and that was where I spent the next 30 years.


So it wasn't until 2011, that I was able to resume my love of art and joined some local art groups in Hartlebury, Worcestershire, where I live. I initially concentrated on water colours but I was disappointed by the results and it was only when I started using graphite and colour pencils that I achieved the accuracy and detail I was looking for.


I have always lived with pets and enjoy drawing living things, particularly animals. I aspire to capture their character and likeness. I have done a few commissions for friends and relatives and I have included a sample of my work in the gallery. Although retired from the police service I still work 4 days a week so I don’t have the amount of time I would like to develop my skills, which is an ambition for the future.




November 2018

© Andy Murcott

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