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Jeff Morland

I am a self taught colored pencil artist with no formal training. I became interested in CP when I inherited m mothers watercolor materials. I could not get on with watercolor at all but I discovered that among the watercolor paints there were some watercolor pencils.


I started using the pencils dry and found that I got on with them very well. Over the years I have built up my pencil ranges (mostly Derwent) and haven't looked back.


I am not the most prolific of artists but when I have time I really enjoy CP art. I mostly do portraits but also dabble in landscapes. Even though I am retire I would like to progress my art to a standard that would allow me to carry out commissions.


November 2017

Blond Girl - 16.5 x 11.75cm. Windsor & Newton Medium Surface Cartridge paper, 130gms. Derwent Colorsoft pencils. Derwent Studio pencils.

© Jeff Morland

Blond Girl