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Ann James Massey SWA, KA,
               CPSA, UKCPS

From her initial art competition in 1972, Ann James Massey has received recognition and won awards for her wax pencil drawings. When she entered her first three competitions in as many months in New York, she won awards in all three: The American Artists Professional League, The Allied Artists of America, and Knickerbocker Artists, New York. When she competed in her first three international exhibitions of miniatures, she again took awards in each.

Massey owned and operated The Montwood Gallery from 1974 to 1978 and Massey Fine Arts from 1992 to 1994. In the latter, she created and judged two national exhibitions (one being "Masters of Colored Pencil," the first exhibition in the world solely dedicated to coloured pencil). In both cases, the success and demands of the galleries eventually allowed her little freedom for her own art, though the experiences were invaluable for understanding all aspects of art: selling, teaching, judging and creating.

In 1994, she closed the second gallery and moved to Paris, France in order to devote more time to her art career, growth and opportunities. As well as being included in Who's Who in American Art, Massey has been listed or her work has been shown in eight books and numerous publications in the US, including "The Artist's Magazine," "American Artist" and "Art Calendar Magazine." In the UK, Solomon & Whitehead, Ltd. has reproduced two of her nudes. The Art Renewal Center, an online art museum specializing in traditional and classical realism that emphasizes Old Masters as well as 19th century French academic and English Victorian artwork, added Massey to their mix with their selection of 19 of her works: ten drawings and nine paintings. The next year, they named her one of their initial thirty-six artists for their Living Masters Gallery.

Though Massey no longer teaches private lessons, she still gives occasional workshops, demonstrations, lectures and private critiques. She divides her time between Europe and the US and between the coloured pencil and oils (which she took up in 1991 with equal success, though coloured pencil remains her favorite medium).

NB: (For those who do not know Ann's work, it is all completed in black wax pencil - not graphite.)






Eliza Ann Harker Bennion

Henri Berenge

The Flautist

©Ann James Massey

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