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Carole Mallatratt

I retired 9 years ago and about 7 years ago I started to draw and play about with watercolour paints for a while, at a small local art group. I then went to a proper class and I still do a lot of watercolour painting, as well as oil painting now as well.


My first love, however, is drawing. Coloured pencils fit perfectly into this for me, I can take them anywhere, anytime, no mess, no fuss and always fun. I like trying out new ideas and one of my latest is using smooth watercolour boards, instead of paper or card.


I am quite new using coloured pencils having undertaken a London Art College course in coloured pencils only last year, 2017. I was fortunate that I achieved a Distinction and afterwards I decided to try and use them more often and see how far I could go with them.


I particularly enjoy animal portraits with this medium and I'm now looking to try out landscapes, seascapes, still life and any number of other ideas too. ​


August 2018

Auriol's Horse - My source for this image is from a friend of mine, and this is an A3 size painting, using Prismacolor and Polychromos pencils, with some Pastel Pencils too. I used a smooth Winsor and Newton watercolour board instead of paper. I also used one or two pastel pencils colours on the head, as base colours, and then after I had used a fixitive spray, I used coloured pencils to complete it. More than half of the work is with coloured pencils, as much of the detail and most of the finer touches all having been done with the coloured pencils. I completed this as part of one of the tasks I had to submit on an assignment on a Pet Portrait Certificate that I am just completing, but liked the finished painting so much I thought I'd share it with you.

Our Wedding Champagne - This picture is from one of my wedding photographs, it's A3 in size, Coloured Pencil on Winsor and Newton smooth cartridge paper. I've used cheap regular coloured pencils on this picture, as I was curious as to the difference between artist quality and student quality pencils. They are called Guang Hui and I have them for my grandchildren, one of them is really eager to draw as I do, so hopefully, this painting will encourage her to practice with any coloured pencils she has to hand. I noticed the difference straight away between these and the ones I prefer, but I persevered, and I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome, however I will keep to my Prismacolor and Polychromos in the future, as I very much prefer them.

Sam & Milo - I wanted to do something special for my sister, who lives in South Africa, and as I liked the results of using coloured pencils on board, I applied that here too. It is also A3, my favourite size, on watercolour board (Winsor and Newton) and Prismacolor and Polychromos pencils. These are my sisters Dachsunds, Milo and Sam, I was unable to get any good pictures of them from her, other than the colours of the dogs, so I researched on the internet for some possible composition options and liked this idea best. I adapted the foreground by adding the grass and simplified the rest of the background by leaving it a fuzzy, pale grey. The photo image isn't as bright as the original, but it is still a good likeness.

© Carole Mallatratt

Auriol's Horse