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Alastair Lockwood SGFA, UKCPS Silver

Alastair LockwoodArt began to interest me from age 9 and I followed it through the usual O and A level to foundation at Middx university, finally embarking on a 3yr degree course in Graphic Design.....which I grew to loathe so much that I left 2 months before the finals! That experience left me feeling utterly disappointed and I did nothing artistic for about 9yrs.

At age 17, a well meaning relative had given me an 80 box set of Caran D'ache pencils as a birthday present, at the time I remember thinking that a pair of socks would have been preferable! The pencils were duly filed in the "wait for a discreet length of time before disposal drawer" and there they stayed unmolested through my college years and the ensuing barren 9 yrs.

For reasons beyond memory I opened that tin of pencils, started drawing and have not looked back since. Currently I am a member of the UKCPS and was fortunate enough to win the Caran D'ache 2002 exhibition award and last year as an associate member of the SGFA won the Stabilo 2001 exhibition prize.

I have had numerous private commissions and have also managed to convince a couple of very doubtful gallery owners that there IS a market for cp work!







Bow End

Flowering Lillies

Dark Forest


©Alastair Lockwood

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