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Phil Lanzon

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Throughout my life in the music industry, and my 31 years of touring with Uriah Heep, I have seen much of the world and its art and spent a lot of time making pencil drawings, an art form I appreciate. Pencils give me a better control than oils water and other mediums. In short, I could never get on with the wet and gooey stuff.


Apart from life itself, my influences are mainly Miro, Kandinsky and Klee, and I was surprised to discover that there was little or no examples of new art featuring abstract compositions using pencils. I never studied art, never went to art collage, uni, or had lessons. I love colour and the use of shapes on paper. "Simplistic," I hear you cry, well maybe, but take a look at a child's drawings: before a child is conditioned it draws how it sees the world and not how it is told the world looks. I must admit that I have often drawn inspiration from such scribblings; many of which, in my opinion, true works of art.


Exhibition at York Street Gallery, Ramsgate 28 March-3 April 2018 - website


May 2017

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