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Sue Hammans-Bayer


After doing a 2 year Foundation Course in Art at Loughton College of F.E., I then trained at Canterbury College of Art and Design in 1972-1975 and gained a BA(hons) in Art with painting as my main study.


As a child, I first became interested in using coloured pencils after watching an artist drawing portraits of holidaymakers at Sandown on the Isle of Wight. The results were impressive and I returned home believing that 'proper artists' could use pencils. I just needed to practice and increase my colour range.


Since those early days I have used many different mediums frequently returning to using coloured pencils. They're my favourite medium to work in. I love the way it's possible to build up layers of colour and have more control of what happens on the picture surface than many other types of colour. As I mainly use water soluble pencils it still enables me to create watery parts within a drawing that gives the surface some contrasting textures. I am also able to build up colours into the vibrancy that I like to see.


I choose my pencil type, colour range and quality with care to match my subject and required performance. My first choice is usually Albrecht Durer water soluble pencils made by Faber-Castell as I find these superior in every way. Not only are these pencils capable of producing a fantastic vibrancy of colour, but they have excellent light fastness and durability.


It takes me months to complete a picture in pencil, according to subject and size. My largest sized drawings are 30" x 22" .


As I work I do use additional pencils from other manufacturers for an 'in between' colour or a different 'softness' as each make of pencil have qualities of their own. Derwent Inktense pencils have good strong colours though the range is not as extensive as Faber-Castell.


I will only use heavy duty quality papers but my main preference is water colour board, in particular those produced by Daler-Rowney which have various types of surface texture. Other papers aren't suitable for my way of working as my use of 'water' and 'layering' would damage a lighter paper.


It's useful to have a 'water brush' which actually holds water as it enables me to squeeze small amounts onto my picture for correcting, blending or washes.


Many people working with coloured pencils create photo realistic pictures which I admire but I like to create something more imaginative so I can play within the processes.




I have exhibited with North East London Independent Artists(N.E.L.I.A.) showing in and around London.

Since I have lived in North Norfolk I have participated in Open Studios for 5 years.

November 2018

My Garden Medley - 8 x 8". Water soluble pencils on water colour board

Mer-Lynda - 30 x 22". Water soluble pencils on water colour board

© Sue Hammans-Bayer

Garden Medley