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Jo Goudie UKCPS Silver

Jo GoudieFor as long as I can remember, throughout my childhood, I could be found with a pencil in my hand covering every scrap of paper with pictures. My dad would bring paper home and staple it into little books for me, and Christmas was so special because it meant I got felt tips and a pad of real artist paper. My parents encouraged me to draw as much as they could and, in my teens, I became well known for painting birds and even sold quite a few.

When I left home I stopped painting birds but I spent many years airbrushing fantasy pictures on to bike tanks and motorcycle helmets but I felt I was missing something. Gradually I painted less and less until I was lucky if I managed one or two pieces a year. My husband encouraged me to keep creating and I moved over to digital art where my skills with Photoshop got me a web design job.

While I was looking for images for a project I discovered the UKCPS site and that was the catalyst for getting back into serious art. I was blown away by what I saw and decided to try it for myself. I bought a set of Karisma coloured pencils and had a go. I was hooked. I bought all the books I could find and signed up to Wet Canvas where the friendly people there have helped me so much to improve in this medium. Now I go on courses to improve and I have got back my enthusiasm for art that I thought I had lost.

I am now in the process of trying to convert all my art friends to coloured pencil and have started a site to promote the work of the UKCPS and UK coloured pencil artists.


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Plough Horses

©Jo Goudie

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