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Caroline Evans

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Traditional drawing is what I do, aided and abetted with a pen, ink, coloured/pastel pencils and the more than occasional dash of metallic leaf. I find that these mediums best suit my illustrative style due to the control they give me, especially for my more intricate work.

As a lover of all fauna and flora, my work is a celebration of Nature’s beauty and all that it offers. I work in two opposing ends of the genre spectrum – Realism and Fantasy.

Some of my ‘realism’ work includes producing a series of drawings depicting critically endangered, vulnerable and threatened animals to help raise awareness of, and funding for, their plight; a subject I care deeply about.

My Fantasy illustrations are borne out of a childhood exposed to a wide range of culturally different fairy tale and mythical characters. Being able to creatively interpret them is my outlet and escape from the more serious sides of life.

I am a member of the Association of Illustrators (UK) and the UK Coloured Pencil Society.

Perhaps one day, someone will be able to wrench the pen/pencil from my hand and entice me to throw paint around with abandon, but I'm not there yet.

September 2016

Catch of the Day: 30x23cm. Coloured Pencil, Pen, Ink.
I Spy With My Little Eye: 27.5x42cm. Coloured Pencil, Pen.
Contemplating his Fate: 24x32cm. Coloured Pencil

© Caroline Evans

Catch of the Day!