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Loren Dixon

After art college I eventually found myself working in an ideal environment, an art gallery, However due to family commitments and balancing work I neglected my art and eventually had to give up work to be a full time carer.


After exploring many mediums, it was graphite, coloured pencils, watercolours and photography that have become my staple. Inspiration increased after joining a ongoing botanical illustration art group which I found to be challenging yet relaxing from which led to me to applying and graduating from the SBA Diploma course. That course introduced me to coloured pencils drawing and its techniques for the first time.


I gravitate towards drawing most things botanical and slowly expanding while experimenting on which coloured pencil brands works best for me.

June 2018

Calla Lily - 29.7 x 42cm. Faber Castell-Castell 9000 pencils

Orchid - 29.7 x 42cm. Faber Castell-Polychromos

The Apples - 29.7 x 42cm. Faber Castell-Polychromos

Comice & Conferences - Faber Castell-Polychromos

Mike - Faber Castell-Polychromos on Pastelmat

© Loren Dixon

Calla Lily