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Sue Clinker UKCPS Silver

As a child I loved art and spent hours decorating any available surface with pictures of horses or Disney characters. However, upon leaving school I abandoned art for a more 'sensible' career in commerce. I didn't pick up a pencil again until my mid 30s when, working mainly in pastel, I drew portraits of my friends' horses and dogs as a hobby.

I discovered coloured pencils about 3 years ago and after a tentative start (they are so very different from pastels) I became hooked on them - I love their versatility and 'cleanliness' and the ease with which I can obtain fine detail. I probably work 45% coloured pencil, 45% pastel and 10% graphite pencil these days.

My husband built my website (as I'm a total technophobe) and for the last two years I have been kept extremely busy with a regular stream of commissioned work, initially via word of mouth but now about 90% driven via the website. In March 2010 my husband persuaded me to take a break from commissioned work (as I was beginning to feel a little stressed) and so for the next 3 or 4 months I will be free to concentrate on learning new techniques, trying different pencils and supports and producing works for various exhibitions later in the year ... its very exciting at the moment and I'm grateful for all the tips I've picked up from UKCPS group members over the last couple of years - I shall be putting them all to good use



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