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Nicolson Brooks


After originally studying Modern Languages, I embarked on a career in Horticulture, which was brought to a halt over two years ago after a motorcycle accident. As part of my recovery, I decided to keep my brain active, and took up the twin interests of writing and drawing, which I finally had enough time for.

I had previously done a number of graphite drawings, which took the form of very detailed cartoons, but I saw this as an opportunity to use the unopened box of coloured pencils that I had had for over ten years.

All my work, as a linguist, as a Head Gardener, and now my writing and drawing, has had communication as its main purpose. There is often a strong narrative impulse. I seek to portray an inner world, and as a result have no particular interest in realism for its own sake. On the other hand, I relish detail, although that does not have to reflect the objective facts on which my work is based.

I tend to favour mixed media, and do very few pure coloured pencil works, preferring to combine CP with pen and ink and graphite.





August 2012



Gateway to Consolation

The Kiss

No Through Road

©Nicolson Brooks

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