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Linda Brand UKCPS

Linda BrandI’m self taught and have always enjoyed drawing from an early age. My favourite medium has always been graphite pencil and the beginning of fine detailed drawings of peoples houses got underway. With commissions through working in the Bank (even 2 for the Bank) I found myself fitting in every hour I could when I got home to draw and complete my commissions. I still found time to socialize though. 

In 2003 I started a family and left the Bank (after 22 years). I always wanted to use art in a career but never had the courage to do so.I have always had compliments and have heard so often that I was in the wrong job. I am now doing something about it. 

I received my first set of Caran D’Ache water soluble pencils in 2000 and am starting to build up a portfolio. The pencils are wonderful to work with and I am learning pretty fast on how to use them. I must admit that I have not tried any of the other makes of coloured pencil. I’m back in the hot seat and loving every minute I can get (while my daughter, Kate, is at pre-school).








©Linda Brand

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