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France Bauduin UKCPS SOFA


While I am self-taught, I was greatly influenced by my father, a professional wood sculptor specialising in animals, who first helped develop my drawing talents.

I always loved animals and chose to become a biologist. Working in Entomology, I spent many years drawings insects as a scientific artist in Québec. Having married an Englishman there, I then moved to England and became a primary school French teacher.

In 2001 my queen, Spooky, had her first litter, which renewed my interest in art. I began in graphite pencil, with drawings of her first two kittens, Lucky and Grippette. A year later, I started work with colour pencils and have drawn almost every kitten born in my home (nearly 60), plus a few cats and dogs for friends or as commissions. In August 2013, I became a full member of the Society of Feline Artists (S.O.F.A.). Indeed, my favourite subjects are cats and kittens in action. In 2015, I joined TWASI and now many of my subjects feature wildlife animals, mainly big cats but not exclusively. I am also a member of PAS (Pencil Artists Society) and the AUSCPA (Australian Society of Coloured Pencil Artists).

I have illustrated the cat novels White Chin (2010) and Magnificat (2013) by Marilyn Edwards as well the non-fiction book Of Dogs and Cats and Bear (2013) by Jenny Melmoth.

I live with my husband Mark and several cats near Bristol. You can find all my drawings on my website.

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