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Wilfrid Barbier

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I was born in 1949 in Abitibi to North West of the province of Quebec. From my childhood I dreamed to becoming a painter-artist but my surroundings did not encourage me to pursue this avenue. While doubting my talent I have drawn little during my life. I had to draw during my training at Ahuntsic College and graduated in graphic design in 1983, but I stopped right after. It was not until 2001 that I discovered the extraordinary potential of coloured pencil. From that moment I adopted this medium. I have since participated in several symposiums and other exhibitions in solo, duo and group exhibitions.

I mainly draw landscapes and city streets, but I do sometimes also others subjects. I always draw freehand, without sketches. I try my art to convey the best I can the beauty I see around me. I layer colour on board at the onset, from any corner. The only exception to this rule is architectural drawings where I sketch outlines and a few special details in graphite. I build my picture library when I travel. Once I choose a photograph, I look at it very frequently to immerse myself in its world and to allow me to visualize the finished drawing. More than a week sometimes elapses before I reach the inspiration I need to take pencil to paper.

We often view our presence here on earth as ordinary, yet it is a miracle. Letting our eyes look at life differently can give it a chance to display its true beauty, in shades we might have never noticed were there.

October 2016

Sapa North Vietnam - 60x40cm
A Train in Budapest - 58x36cm
Clothesline in Dubrovnik - 33x40cm
All Prismacolor on Bristol Board

© Wilfrid Barbier

Sapa North Vietnam