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Eleni Tsapraili


I was born in Greece and I’m currently living in Athens. I always liked to occupy with fine art. I started studies in painting rather late, 6 years ago, using oil and acrylic paints, mainly.

I was always fascinated by the detailed and realistic depiction of everything around me, so painting with colored pencils finally won me over. Colored pencil is my favorite medium. I also enjoy working with graphite pencils.

The theme of my works varies. I prefer working on portraits and animal paintings, in town and the village of my origin. Wild life, marine scenes, ship wrecks, traditional items and nature is my main source of inspiration.

In the past I participated in many local exhibitions and my works have gained recognition. Now I’ m giving lessons to various groups in Athens, about how to start working and creating with colored and graphite pencils



December 2015





At Night in the Village

Innocent Friendship

Nearby the Seaside


©Eleni Tsapraili

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