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Maddy Swan UKCPS

I was born in the Netherlands and moved to England as a teenager where I studied graphic illustration and fine art in Rochester, Kent where I also met (husband) Brian.

Although experimenting with all kinds of media since I was small I have always loved coloured pencils. I use any pencils I can get my hands on, but do have a preference for Prismalo Caran d'Ache and Derwent Studio Rexel Cumberland, which are quite hard, and perfect for my portraits.

I am mostly self-taught as far as portraits is concerned, as this is quite different to my college work. After we both finished art college at the same time, we moved to Germany and I tried to make a career in illustration work, but it was a difficult time for me as I had to do my presentations in a foreign language which was rather tough, and we had to earn a living, so I dropped art for quite some time as I got on with other things. Life took over and motherhood, and I only picked up my pencils again in 1996 when things settled down once we moved into the house we loved in beautiful Kent. I was very much encouraged by Bernard Poulin's beautiful book 'The Complete Colored Pencil Book'. I looked for like-minded artists on the web with similars interests in coloured pencils, and found Bob Ebdon; he told me about his passion and that he was going to start a new society: the UK Coloured Pencil Society! It was exciting to be part of this brandnew society! I also took up art classes and got quite busy taking on local commissions, alongside working part-time and being a mum, and this progressed to quite a few international commissions through the internet. However, unfortunately, as we had a mortgage to pay, I had to drop it all again in 2004. I have only just got back into it again very recently.

I am passionate about both coloured pencils and watercolours, so I'm doing lots of experimenting in both mediums at the moment, and am building up a new portfolio with more recent work for my website, and I have started to accept commissions again. I'm also happy to get more involved in the UKCPS again!



February 2013






Painted Faces

My Sweet Lolly

©Maddy Swan

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