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Deb Stanley

I am originally from Evesham and now live in Malvern, Worcestershire with my husband, two grown up children a couple of cats and a cocker spaniel.

My last formal art lesson was at school about 30+ years ago, so I’m mostly self-taught picking up skills and techniques as I go.

I’m a secretary by training but after having children I worked for 13 years in a classroom as a teaching assistant with 4 & 5 year olds where each day was an art and craft day. I used coloured pencils every day with the children and also used coloured pencils to plan out oil paintings but it took a surprisingly long time for me to realise that I could create my artwork using pencils alone.

I haven’t settled on a particular subject or theme with my work but cakes do tend to feature quite heavily. I also take inspiration from the changing seasons, walking my dog, Luna, allows me to appreciate the beautiful countryside in my local area.

I’ve drawn a few pets for commissions and have been thrilled to have some return customers.

Recently I’ve used an airbrush alongside my pencils to create backgrounds, both The Waiting Game and Duvet Day have simple acrylic ink airbrushed backgrounds. Pencils are still my first love though as I enjoy the fine details that can be achieved with them.

You can see most of my work on my website

Beneath the Rose Canopy - Polychromos and Pablos on Stonehenge 8”x10”

The Waiting Game - Pablos with Acrylic ink Background on Bristol Vellum 8”x10”

Duvet Day - Pablos with Acrylic Ink Background on Stonehenge 8”x10”




October 2015



Beneath the Rose Canopy

The Waiting Game

Duvet Day


© Deb Stanley

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