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Tanya Patey

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My name is Tanya Patey I am a self taught artist ,with a passion for all different kinds of art and crafts, I work in a secorandry school as a art technition, 5 years ago I took an A level in art and design, sitting at the back of the class along side the students. Discovering that I was able to draw well, for my final piece I produced a portrait of a cat, I put this into a show, where 2 people wanted to purchase it. This lead to my first sell. Word got around and I started to do commissions, being so busy I had to go part time at work, I now teach in my own studio twice a week and also have done workshops for large groups of people. My main medium is pastel pencils, but I have ago at any medium, including, oil, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, pen and ink, I also do screen printing, Lino printing, photography, 3D Clay, embroidery paintings ( using the sewing machine).

I also run craft stalls, where I design and make all my own crafts.

At the moment I'm loving finding out about the different types of coloured pencils and the different techniques used, will need a lot more practise. But I'm very keen to learn.

February 2017

All pictures coloured pencil on paper

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