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Urvashi Patel

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I spent my childhood nourishing my passion of art by participating in various workshops at schools, art competitions as well as by self teaching approach. Pursuing art education with London art college and taking various workshops I have developed my artistic style.


Love for animals inspired me to select it as my subject matter. I also loves to paint landscapes,buildings and people.


Inspired by contemporary style of various artist, I gave my work vibrant characteristics which shows the expressive techniques like splattering, wet on wet in my paintings. I keep experimenting with different media, surface and styles as I believe learning never ends. Recently, I have found a new love for coloured pencils and I am looking forward to explore in this medium. Coloured pencil requires lots of patience and time which is like a meditation and I enjoys to spend long hours on the drawing to give it realistic look and texture which is like a meditation for me. I can block all my thoughts only when I am painting or drawing.


I have joined Association of animal artist and welcoming all the opportunities of exhibiting. I have also taken up the role as the trustee of the organisation as Exhibition Coordinator.


I have now become the member of UKCPS ( United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society). Next in my list is Coloured pencil society of America.


Apart from painting and drawing animals, I am now looking forward to work on people portraits. Every face tells a story of that person. I would love to study different faces. Though being in full time job in IT profession, I want to keep going with my art which is the only thing that brings a real joy to my life and I would love to be called as living artist.



So far, I love two mediums the most- Watercolour (which gives me the sense of freedom) and Coloured Pencils which takes me to the meditation state where I can leave my thoughts behind and get lost in my drawing for hours and hours. That doesn't mean there is no space for acrylics or mixed media. I love trying out everything. Exploring is the best adventure.

February 2017

The Leopard - 11" x 14". CP on Pastelmat board

Horse in the Barn - 25 x 35cm. CP on Stonehenge paper

© Urvashi Patel

The Leopard 1