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Bev Lewis UKCPS Gold

Bev Lewis I was encouraged by my parents to paint and draw from a very early age, and I did this with a passion. I went on to study 'Commercial Art' at the Johannesburg School of Art, and started on a career in graphics, which didn’t leave much time for drawing and painting. I rediscovered my love for drawing and painting in the early ‘90’s, when looking for something to fill my time I bought some coloured pencils and started drawing the animals and birds which inspired me so much. Growing up in South Africa has given me a great love for African wildlife.

I exhibit as often as I can and have won many awards at juried and non juried exhibitions. I am a signature member of UKCPS, regularly exhibiting at their annual exhibitions. I am also a member of TWASI (The Wildlife Artists Society International).

I use coloured pencil, graphite pencils, pastels and to a lesser degree, watercolour and acrylics. I love the control and the detail which can be achieved with coloured pencils. I use suitable supports for coloured pencil but favour Fabriano Artistico, hot pressed watercolour paper and a variety of pencils, from very hard to very soft to get the effect I am looking for. I also like drawing on drafting film (Polydraw) with strong colours easily attainable but which needs a very different technique.

I am also a freelance illustrator specialising in flora and fauna and have worked on many projects from, brochures and interpretive signs for countryside parks to children’s educational games.

I accept commissions and my work is hanging in many homes throughout the UK.








Bad Hair Day


Cheeky Girls


©Bev Lewis

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