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Julie Hockin

Julie HockinFor many years watercolour and miniature painting were my main occupation, but for sheer enjoyment and relaxation I always return to pencil drawing. As a child I lusted after beautiful Lakeland Pencils rather than the wartime economy school pencils. Many years later, earning my living by painting wildlife, flowers and cats, I bought a box of over 100 colour pencils and became totally fascinated developing my own technique. Stroking the paper with pencil is much like painting miniatures only on a grander scale. My collection of pencils has now grown to include Derwent Coloursoft and Graphitint, giving even more interesting effects.

My native Cornwall fills me with inspiration and I now hold Drawing for the Doubtful workshops encouraging others to explore the joy and serenity of drawing in colour. The Laxton apples were some of the first to grow on the restored archway at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, near my home and they were just begging to be drawn.







Laxton's Epicure

Rosa Meg


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