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Susie Hine

I am a self taught artist living in London. I have loved to draw ever since I was a child. Both my parents were talented amateur artists and they both encouraged me in my love of drawing.


I never really completely stopped trying to improve my art but somehow life got in the way, following my husband with his work around the world and raising my two children.


A couple of years ago I decided that the time had come to seriously start to paint and draw again. I dabbled for a bit with watercolours but found them difficult to master. Then I discovered the wonderful world of coloured pencils and I knew I had found my medium! I love the fine control and how you can build up the colour to achieve a lovely painterly effect.


My favourite subject are portraits, both human and animal. Trying to capture the essence of each subject is always the challenge.


I also really enjoy working in graphite and charcoal and have recently tried soft pastels.


I am now drawing every day, it's great to be back!

April 2017

Endangered - 23x11.5cm. Polychromos coloured pencils on Bristol Smooth paper

King of the Serengeti - 18x11.5cm. Polychromos coloured pencils on Bristol Smooth paper

Red - 17.5x11.5cm. Polychromos coloured pencils on Bristol Smooth paper

© Susie Hine