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D Y Hide’s favourite subjects are always in some way decorative, whether they are rooted in reality or are simply flights of her imagination. Inspiration may come from as recently as yesterday or be liberally mixed in with something created long centuries ago. Her aim, however, is always to find a connection: - with what people, places, creatures, objects, events and experiences suggest to her, and develop her ideas from there.


Her philosophy is that art has the power to make us better people. At its most powerful, it encourages us to view the world with both a critical eye as well as an appreciative one.


D Y Hide exhibits often. She’s a full member of the Society of Feline Artists (otherwise known as S.O.F.A.), a signature member of the UK Colour Pencil Society and a professional artist of the SAA. Prizes she has been awarded include Best in Show, Best Wildlife and Best Abstract / Fantasy Piece.


You can find her at different UK events throughout the year, including but not limited to the Reading Contemporary Art Fair, various exhibitions hosted by the Association of Animal Artists and The Wildlife Art Society International Show.


She takes commissions with a great big smile.
See her website and Facebook Page for details and regular updates.



November 2017

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