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Tracey Chaykin

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Tracey Chaykin is an Artist living and working in the Napa Valley of Northern California. Born and raised in the boroughs of New York City, Tracey is a self-taught artist who has always had a knack for creativeness from when she was young. Growing up, Tracey leaned more towards freehand drawing and coloring of Nature scenes and animals but school, marriage and an Accounting career took Tracey in a different direction until recently.


In 2016, Tracey was reintroduced to her original love of photography, drawing and coloring. Throughout the years, Tracey has taken many breathtaking photos of Nature and Botanicals, many of which have come from her own organic gardens, which are now being combined with her love of the Colored Pencil medium.


Tracey’s artistic goals are to continue sharing the awe of Nature’s beauty both through the lens and pencil for all to appreciate and see while ever expanding on the possibilities of what can be achieved in colored pencil art!



August 2018

American Lady - 5 x 5". Colored Pencil on Pastelmat

Blu - Colored Pencil on paper

Moonlighting - Colored Pencil & Tinted Graphite pencils on paper.

© Tracey Chaykin

American Lady