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I took my first art lesson in 2007 at a local adult centre not terribly thrilled with the tutor but looking at other art students at work, I knew that is what I wanted to do.


I have done a few home study courses in watercolours flowers being my main subject, the last big home study I did which took 2.5 years was in Botanical Flower Painting with the S.B.A. which I was thrilled to pass.


I took up coloured pencils about three years ago and have never looked back. but I still have to keep with my watercolours, but I find pencils are easier for me to cope with due to shakes and poor eyesight...




September 2018

Globe Artichoke - A3. Live study done whilst on my first proper course lesson

Harvest 2018 - A4 hot pressed paper , various makes of pencils

Chinese Peony - A4 coloured paper flower taken from an old Chinese painting

© Tao Barry

Globe Artichoke